BUTT – Broadcast Using This Tool

Once you have downloaded and installed BUTT you are ready to configure it to connect to your SHOUTcast stream.

To add  your server details click the Settings button form the main window.



A new window will open as shown below, from this screen you can select the Audio Device you wish to stream from and, optionally, whether you want to connect to the server at startup. To add your new server details to BUTT click the ADD button under the Server section.



The Edit Server window will appear as shown below. Select the ShoutCast option at the top then, name your server, this simply identifies it to you in case you choose to set up multiple records.  The next step is to add your server’s address, we recommend using the IP address for this, the port number and your password you are supplied with two passwords for your stream, a regular password for streaming and an admin password for accessing your control panel, use the regular password for this field.  The mountpoint field is not relevant and will be inactive when you select ShoutCast.  Now, save your details.



The server window will close and you will be returned to the first settings window.  Next configure your Stream Infos section by again clicking ADD under the Stream Infos section. A new window, as shown below will open.  Note that this information is optional for use in Second Life, we supply streams as private so they do not connect to the SHOUTcast radio directories. The Description, Genre and URL information can be used to display on in-world display boards however so it is useful to complete it.  Once you have completed the information click the ADD button and the window will close.



You will be returned to the settings window once more.  Now we will configure the stream’s encoding settings, to do this click the Stream tab at the top of the window, you will now see the options below.  Your Second Streaming stream will support connections of up to 192Kbps, however, whether your ISP connection can maintain this will depend on the number of applications using your internet connection, cable/wifi quality, how many hops your providers’ network takes to reach the backbone of the Internet, contention ratios etc. We recommend you start at 96Kbps as a baseline, the quality of audio at this rate is near CD and will provide a great listening experience for most listeners.  It can take some trial and error to find the best connection speed to use, even with a fairly poor connection you should be able to sustain a minimum of 48Kbps.

To get you started we recommend the following settings.  Bitrate of 96Kbps, Samplerate of 44100Hz, Channel stereo and the mp3 Codec.  Once you have completed this information click the Main tab again and click the Save Settings button to complete you configuration, the main BUTT window will indicate that the settings have been saved and you can then close the Settings window.



To start streaming simply click the ‘Play’ button on the main window, the status will change to ‘on air’ and the window will confirm your connection is established!  When you’re finished streaming, simply click the ‘Stop’ button to disconnect.




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